Malmo is home to a variety of outdoor sports that utilize the Malmo community league facilities. Malmo residents are welcome to use of the grounds and equipment available in the outdoor shed.  From May 1 to October 1, Malmo residents are especially encouraged to enjoy the activities and meet neighbours on the Wednesday evening social night or weekends when sand courts and other facilities are currently held for our use.

2017 Outdoor Soccer Season

The outdoor soccer season is now in progress. 

Here are a few reminders to help ensure a successful season:

  • Shin guards and soccer socks are mandatory for all players, as well as runners or cleats. Players should also bring water, and sunscreen and/or bug spray as required. Players may also need a snack for half time.
  • Parents are expected to help the coaching team as needed. This includes setting up nets and flags before a game, helping with take down, doing first aid, helping supervise the bench, picking up garbage, etc.
  • Coaches and assistant coaches want to enhance your child’s knowledge of the game and team play. Please respect the coaching teams and give them space to coach. Parents are not allowed to coach from the sidelines.
  • Have your child at the playing or practice field and ready to play on time. 
  • Please leave pets at home. City bylaws do not allow pets on soccer fields or playgrounds.
  • Family and friends are encouraged to come out and cheer the players on. Please keep a watchful eye on younger fans, so they do not wander too close to the playing field.
  • For younger teams, please ensure your child is well-behaved on the bench. While on the bench, children should be sitting, watching the game and cheering on their teammates. Coaches should not have to spend more time monitoring the bench than the players on the field.
  • Respect the referee and abide by any requests he or she makes of the players, coaching team or parents. Disrespect to a referee can result in a disciplinary hearing for the community or even suspension from your community’s soccer program.
  • Cheer for ALL the players on the field. They will respond to the encouragement.

Above all, please remember, the primary goal of community soccer is for kids to have fun playing the game and ensure all kids have a chance to play and learn.

Game Schedule

The game schedules are now available on the SWEMSA website. Your coaching team will also share these with you. 

Field Status

In the event of rain, field status will be updated by 4 p.m. (Monday to Friday) to let you know if the fields are open for games. Call the hotline at 780-496-4999 or online at,14

Team Photo Day

Team photo day will take place the evening of Friday, May 19 at the Malmo Community Hall. Your coaching team will provide you with more information including your team’s scheduled time.


The sand courts and equipment are available to all Malmo residents and their friends till 9:30 pm from May to October. Check the calendar for availability but Wednesday evenings and Friday to Sunday are usually reserved for drop in and organized events for Malmo community league members and residents. Courts can also be used in conjuction with a hall rental, however you are encouraged to accommodate drop in players

Private group rentals usually occur Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  between 4 and 9:30pm. Current groups renting are the Edmonton Sports and Social Club (ESSC) for adults and Aspire Volleyball for youth training.  They can be contacted if you wish to join a recreational adult team or enroll in youth classes.


  • Mon to Fri 3-9 pm,
  • Weekends & Holidays 12-9 pm


  • In adverse weather or poor ice conditions (temperature below -20 C) the rink may be closed.
  • When the change room is closed and the rink lights are off, the rink is closed.
  • Notification signs from our rink manager may be posted at the rink.
  • If you scrape the ice yourself please ensure you shovel it off the rink because it can set up like concrete.  This greatly interferes with our rink master's efforts to provide us with a good and safe ice surface.
  • Please report any rink facility damage to our facilities manager.

Community League members are encouraged to use the local outdoor skating rink behind the hall.  Please ensure that your current skate tag is visible at all times.  Skate tags come with your community league membership.  Information on obtaining community league memberships is available on the memberships page.

Please use the ice in a responsible and shared manner.  Rules are posted at the rink and the change room for rink users / parents to review.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children have suitable equipment to safely enjoy their hockey and skating activities. 

Malmo Community League does not currently reserve ice times or rent the ice facilities to outside groups.  However, if you have an ice related activity that requires a rink booking to make it happen, give us a call.  A great example of this is the Winter Carnival.