Malmo Plains Infrastructure Redevelopment Committee (IRC) Update

Early March, 2019 the IRC received the news that our Government of Alberta grant application (CFEP), submitted on Oct 1, 2018 was not successful. The amount of grant requests this year far exceeded the Government of Alberta's available money for community grant requests. The IRC knew that this was a possibility and will be reapplying to the Government of Alberta community grants program on Oct 1, 2019. In the meantime, the IRC is working on preparing documents for the City of Edmonton's community lead construction process and completing a $400K request to the City of Edmonton (for CLIP funding) due March 27, 2019. Please come to the Malmo Community League AGM at 8PM, Tuesday, April 23 to meet with the IRC and MCL Executive and learn more about the status of the MCL Hall Modernization project. There will be displays of the MCL Hall Renewal project concept plans and an opportunity to provide feedback.

Chris Ouellette, IRC Chair