Spaghetti Dinner

This year our community suffered a loss when longtime community league social coordinator Amanda P and her husband, community league webmaster Trevor, moved out of the neighbourhood. With nobody in the Social Coordinator role, it did not seem like the September Spaghetti Dinner was going to happen.

Luckily, several amazing people in the community stepped up to ensure the dinner went ahead and we had a great dinner on September 21st. 

I would like to thank the volunteers: Howaida H., Darin N., Andrew, Max, Laurie M, Julie M, Ashley W, Rita, Michelle, John, Mavis A, Dave, Colleen M, Kim N, Christine, Amy D, Tim N, Amanda T, Heather G, Collette L, Claire F, Max, Anny, Toren and Caden

Extra special thanks got to Michaelia O, Heidi N, and Jana E for being the core that started the ball rolling and ensured the tradition continued for another year. It is fantastic neighbours like you that make Malmo the great neighbourhood it is.

Thanks everyone.