Hello from the new President

Good morning neighbours,

My name is Ken Hemmerling and just a few months ago I was elected as President of the Malmo Plains Community League.  I come to the role knowing surprisingly little about the detailed operations of the league.  Previous Presidents had the community league email automatically forwarded to their personal account which turns out to be a mixed blessing for me.  On the downside, I have an inbox with over 1300 unread emails dating back to 2017.  On the upside, I have a fantastic resource of information about how the Community League is run along with the discussions about issues of concern within the community.

I come into the role aware of the ongoing issues we have with crime and vandalism, an aging community hall, and an upcoming neighbourhood renewal.  My initial work will be to meet with our City Councillor to determine exactly how much (or, more likely, how little) power the President actually holds and to build a terms of reference for various aspects of the roles and responsibilities of the volunteer positions within the Community League.  It is my hope to provide a more open and transparent view into the operations of the Community League while working on the issues that concern us all.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me at President@MalmoPlains.com.  I only ask for one thing:  Your patience.  As a father of two, working full-time, and being in an on-call rotation which requires occasional evening and weekend work, I do not check the Community League email every day.